As I am working on the “Journal” right now, which will track the Players progress throughout the game, I thought I could share a small passage. For a while I though I should write the entries like a diary (in the past), but I decided on writing them “happening right now”, because I somehow feel closer to the content that way, and hope the Player does too.

The “Journal” begins like this, when the Player arrives on the island:

I must have survived the shipwreck, because I still feel very much alive… and by actually stranding on the island, which I was trying to reach, I must also have used up my share of luck for the years to come.

Later on, you have to make some tough decisions. Could you consider this passage a spoiler?

After some consideration where to cut, I make a deep cut on my left thumb. Biting on my lip to suppress the pain, I watch my blood drip into the bowl, glistening in the strange light.

I guess I’ll have to let a native English speaker have a look at the texts later, because I’m still not very confident about my writing skills…

– Janina

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