While our Indiegogo campaign is still running , we’re hard at work to create new, interesting areas for the game!

In traditional games, you tend to only look around on the horizontal axis. That’s because the action is happening there, and you need to react quickly, so you don’t have time look away. But with the Oculus, sight and action are separate. You can look anywhere, even up und down while moving, without your walk direction changing.

This is why we’re designing the areas to be interesting, especially for Oculus. But players on a normal monitor setup gain a lot from this design as well. As the vertical axis becomes a bigger part of the design, the world feels more alive and full of details. In the traditional setup we developed, before we had the Oculus headset, nothing was really tall or small, everything was kinda in the middle, so you could see it on the horizontal axis. But now we have more variety and stuff that looks really, freaking big, which looks amazing in 3D. And watched through Oculus, it’s giant!

On the Oculus, you gain peripheral vision, see things in the corner of your eye that you couldn’t see on a monitor setup. This is why it’s important to build a world, which is engaging from all angles. We also had to tweak a lot to get more contrast into the world, which really helps with the 3D and depth feeling in the dark.

Here’s some screenshots of the new areas we’re developing right now, all with focus on Oculus, the scary-factor and 3D.






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